Australia’s Finest Bamboo Bathrobes

Step out of the shower and into comfort like you have never experienced before. Choose an organic bamboo bathrobe from Eastwind Textiles for a silky soft, breathable and absorbent solution. A bamboo option will offer you warmth as well as a quick solution to clothing after a shower or bath. Simply slip on one of the beautiful options offered online and enjoy that fresh clean feeling in warmth and ultimate comfort.

Bamboo Cotton Bathrobes or the Real Deal?

At Eastwind Textiles we offer 100% bamboo bathrobe products across Australia. Much like comparing different towel products, there is a major difference between bamboo cotton bathrobes and those that are made from almost 100% organic bamboo. As an absorbent material, our bamboo bathrobe offers three times as much absorbency as that of a cotton version and still twice as much as the hybrid models. Stocking only the most efficient products allows us to ensure a high-level of quality with each item.

This natural product is ideal for anybody who suffers from the symptoms associated with sensitive skin or allergies. This plant does not require pesticides or fertilizers to promote growth, so when it is harvested and turned into a soft, cashmere like material, you are not exposed to any harsh chemicals. Bamboo cotton bathrobes do not offer the same assurance. With a lack of assurance as well as less absorbency, the cotton hybrid does not match the advantages of a true organic bamboo item.

Certificates and Assurances

We have a commitment to providing high-quality items that are sustainably produced. To ensure we have the best bamboo products we insist that our sewing factories in China provide a range of quality assurance certificates. Some of these certificates include the OCIA International Organic Certification and ECOCERT Certificate of Organic Operation, these certify the organic nature of the plant being used to manufacture the materials. We insist on many different certificates which assure us of the chemical free nature of the products as well as their anti-bacterial properties.

Browse our range of robes and select which items you would like. We ship Australia wide and offer some of the most competitive prices on our high-quality items. To find out more feel free to contact us on 1300 653 285.