Purchase 100% Bamboo Bath Towels in Australia

Select an opulently soft and environmentally friendly option for your bathroom linen. Eastwind Textiles supply Australia with 100% bamboo towels that are light and extremely absorbent. The absorbency of these products is three times that of cotton, and twice as absorbent as a cotton hybrid. This ensures you receive a perfect dry in a shorter time. These products add a new level of comfort and efficiency to your daily routine.

Why Choose Bamboo Towels?

As well as the added level of comfort these items provide, the organic material is ideal for individuals who suffer from sensitive skin and allergies. CSIRO has announced that our products are indeed 100% bamboo, allowing you to feel at ease when using them on your sensitive skin. With no added chemicals or materials, you are being exposed to a pure substance that is gentle on your body and will not cause any irritation.

Bamboo bath towels are one of the most eco-friendly products available in today’s linen market. This natural plant does not require pesticides, excessive watering or fertilizers to grow and thrive. The run off from these plants is so clean and safe that it is drinkable. The durability of this plant is transferred to the long lasting strength of these towels. Items manufactured using this tough, eco-friendly plant will remain soft regardless of the amount of use and cleaning. Along with the ability to withstand regular laundering, these items are resistant to shrinkage. The longer your towels last, the less you need to replace – saving you money and helping the environment in the long run.

Select from Our Variety of Options

Choose from our extensive collection including luxurious bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, face cloths and of course our luxurious bath robes. Wrap yourself from head to toe in soft, 100% organic bamboo. Once you experience the magnificence of this natural material, you will never consider purchasing cotton options again. View our selection online and have your new items shipped anywhere in Australia. Contact us directly on 1300 653 285 to find out more about our products.